Case Studies Patient with an extreme underbite - MaxFax case

Pushing the boundaries of 3D modeling to aid safe and successful practice procedures

Case Study
  • Craniomaxillofacial

3D printing has transformed surgery planning over the last decade - putting 3D physical replicas of 2D patient scans into surgeons hands, and even going further in allowing them to practice operations well ahead of the real thing.


The challenge at hand for the surgeon was a complex corrective procedure on a 20-year-old male patient afflicted with a extreme underbite. This intricate intervention necessitated the meticulous removal and repositioning of segments of the patient's jawbone relative to the skull, demanding not only millimeter-level precision but also unwavering confidence in the proposed plan.


Inspired by another innovative Axial3D model, the surgeon sought Axial3D's collaboration to create a patient-specific anatomical model featuring a movable jawbone, attached by magnets. This approach granted the surgeon an extraordinarily realistic portrayal of the underbite, enabling him to execute a simulated procedure on the model, replicating the precise incisions intended for the patient's actual bone. This unique foresight gave him advanced knowledge of when he would cut into a hollow or through the patient’s bone and confirmed his plan was indeed the right one.

This case rehearsal of the actual procedure, conducted within a secure environment, yielded substantial cost and time savings. Notably, the surgeon was able to validate his plan more than two hours faster than the traditional approach, while simultaneously optimizing resource allocation within the hospital by selecting the precise equipment required for the operating room. Furthermore, the model played a pivotal role in enhancing patient understanding, allowing for informed consent and fostering a deeper appreciation of the proposed corrective measures.

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