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Gaining informed consent with 3D anatomical models

Case Study

Gaining informed consent with 3D anatomical models


In this case, a 6-year-old female patient was diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, a complex and severe congenital heart defect. Due to the intricacies of her condition, relying solely on CT images posed significant limitations for the surgeon in both diagnosing and devising an appropriate treatment plan. The intricate nature of the heart's structures and functions, especially in such a young patient, demanded a comprehensive understanding beyond what CT imaging alone could provide.


Axial3D converted the CT images into a 3D printed representation of the patient's cardiac anatomy using a flexible polymer. This model facilitated the planning of a highly informed and transparent surgical strategy to reconfigure the patient's heart. Furthermore, the model played a crucial role in comprehensively explaining the patient's condition to her parents, resulting in a significantly more informed consent process for the surgery.

Disclaimer: Details of Axial3D's regulatory clearance for diagnostic use cases are outlined here. For all other uses of Axial3D solutions, they should be used for demonstration and education purposes only.

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