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Full-scale 3D printed pelvis & tumor model confirms surgical plan and aids intra-team discussions

Case Study
  • Orthopaedics

This 3D anatomical model was produced for a surgeon whose patient had presented with a tumor on their pelvis. The model was requested to help with intra-team discussions around how best to remove the tumor. Read on to find out how Axial3D created the 3D anatomical model and helped the surgical team define and defend their surgical plan.

Model details: A large 'clear and contrast' model printed in 5 separate prints over the Form 2 and Form 3 printers. This model demonstrates the pelvis, sacrum, tumor & edema (green), veins (blue) and arteries (red). A big challenge, 5 separate prints to fit into Formlabs Form 3 and Form 2 printers - tumor/edema and vessels to be contrasted.

Data: Bone segmented from CT, Tumor from MRI and vessels from CTA images. Data sets registered to create and hard and soft tissue model.

Pathology: The vessels (veins and arteries) are fused to the edema surrounding the cartridge element of the tumor. The current surgical plan is to remove the whole right side of the pelvis, part of the sacrum which contains edema. From reviewing the 3D model, it doesn't look like it will be possible to salvage the surrounding iliac vessels.

Outcomes: The surgical challenge is to remove the whole limb with all tumor elements successfully, using the Axial3D anatomical model as a guide. The 3D model has reaffirmed the current surgical plan to the entire surgical team and will be used intra-operatively to ensure all tumor/edema is removed from the pelvis.