Case Studies Medical 3D model for skull

Creating precision patient-specific instruments with 3D modeling

Case Study
  • Neurosurgery

A one-year-old boy presented with premature closing of anterior fontanel. Surgical intervention was required to correct the craniosynostosis, to relieve pressure on the brain and allow it to grow properly.

It was difficult for the surgeon to define an optimal surgical plan from the CT images alone, so he requested a 3D printed replica of the child’s skull. 423 CT images were used to produce an anatomically accurate precision 3D model, which was printed and shipped to the surgeon within just 48 hours.

Benefits of the 3D model

Crucially, having access to this 3D model enabled the craniomaxillofacial lab in the hospital to create patient-specific surgical guides, helping the surgeon to plan the precise angles and positions of the intervention well in advance of stepping foot in the operating theater.

Additionally, the 3D printed model was also used by the surgeon when discussing his plans with the child’s parents, helping him to reassure them of his surgical plans and to understand his planned approach for the procedure.

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