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Changing the future of knee tumor surgery

Case Study
  • Oncology

Benefits of a medical 3D model for this case:

  • Reduced the operative time by a full 60 minutes
  • Lowered the risk of patient morbidity
  • Reduced patient’s length of stay in hospital

Giant cell tumors (GCT) are one of the most common types of bone tumors seen by orthopedic surgeons, and although they are usually benign, they can be equally destructive to the surrounding bone.

The Case

In this case, a 13-year-old girl presented with a large GCT in her knee. Her surgeon, focused on making sure her knee still functioned after the surgery, needed to strike a balance between removing the tumor while protecting the surrounding anatomy as much as possible. He requested a 3D reconstruction of the girl’s knee to ensure he had the best possible information while defining his surgical plan.

Solution and Benefits of using the 3D Models

The model was extremely useful in pre-operative planning amongst the surgical team, helping them to prepare equipment and actually practice their surgical approach ahead of time. This transformed preparation and reduced the operative time by a full 60 minutes, dramatically lowering the risk of severe complications and reduced the young lady’s length of stay in hospital after her operation, allowing for quicker rehabilitation in the comfort of her own home.

In addition to having an overwhelmingly positive impact on the operative side of this case, the surgeon also found this model to be a game changer to the effectiveness of patient consent process, using the model to explain the surgical options to the patient and her family, which previously would have been difficult or impossible to do fully, and ultimately getting their approval to proceed.

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