Case Studies Complex Olecranon Fracture of the Elbow - Ortho case

Increasing Surgical Confidence in Orthopaedics through 3D Modeling: A Case Study

Case Study

The Case

An orthopaedic surgeon faced a challenging case - an elective surgery for a patient with a complex Olecranon Fracture. Uncertain about the feasibility of a successful procedure, especially given the fracture's severity, the surgeon sought more information to plan the procedure.

The Solution

To overcome uncertainties, the surgeon turned to Axial3D to transform the patient's 2D imaging data into 3D. A patient-specific 3D anatomical model was then ordered to provide deeper insights into the intricacies of the Olecranon Fracture. The 3D model served a dual purpose: firstly, assisting in the development of an optimal surgical plan, and secondly, providing a unique opportunity for the surgeon to rehearse the procedure. This innovative strategy aimed to instill confidence in tackling the complexities of the surgery.

Benefits of using the 3D Model

The results were transformative. The surgery, which initially posed significant challenges, turned out to be a resounding success, culminating in a full elbow replacement for the patient. The surgeon, in feedback, highlighted that the 3D model offered superior case planning compared to any 2D visualization currently available. Moreover, the 3D model played a pivotal role in streamlining the patient consent process, empowering the patient with a comprehensive understanding of their condition and the proposed surgical plan.

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