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3D printed prostate tumor model supports successful patient outcomes in robotic surgery

Case Study
  • Oncology


When a patient presented with a prostate lesion, his surgeon wanted a clearer picture of the anatomy before going into the operating theater. Traditional 2D imaging did not give the surgeon a clear picture, and while novel techniques such as 3D rendering and magnification tools helped, they weren't tactile, which meant he lost the sense of touch. A 3D printed model of the patient's anatomy prostate was requested by the surgeon to help him plan the surgery and to visualize where the tumor was while he performed surgery using the Da Vinci Robot.

“One of the disadvantages of doing prostate surgery the way I do it, with robotics, is the lack of touch. While you can see things better in 3D, HD, magnified 10x, you lose this crucial sense of touch. Normally, we plan where the tumor is in our minds but here, I held the model in my hand as I performed the procedure with the Da Vinci Robot, where I'm seated remotely at a console. The model allows for better planning and accuracy which is what you want to hear in cancer surgery.”
– Prof. Prokar Dasgupta, Professor of Urology, The London Clinic, London UK


A 3D printed model of the patient's anatomy prostate was used by the surgeon intraoperatively to visualize the lesion within the anatomy, communicate the treatment plan to the patient and surgical team, and help guide the surgeon in removing the cancerous gland using robotic surgery. The model gave valuable insight into the size and location of the tumor that is otherwise difficult using two-dimensional imaging and haptic surgical devices.

Benefits of the medical 3D model:

  • Improved intra-team communication
  • Enhanced patient communication and consent
  • Gave the surgeon tactile insights beyond 2D imaging
  • Provided insights into the size and location of the tumor
  • Improved planning and accuracy

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