Case Studies Left Atrial Appendage- Cardio Case

3D Printed Left Atrial Appendage Model Aids Pre-Operative Planning and Patient Consent

Case Study


A patient presented with a complex condition involving their Left Atrial Appendage (LAA). The precise classification of the LAA's abnormality was proving to be challenging based solely on the information obtained from CT scans. Recognizing the need for a clearer understanding of the problem, the surgeon requested a 3D printed anatomical model.


Turning to Axial3D, a highly detailed, 1:1 scale, flexible anatomical model of the patient's Left Atrial Appendage was 3D printed based off the patient’s imaging data. The LAA's morphology was identified as Cauliflower type, and the anatomical model served as an invaluable tool for the clinical team, offering them a tangible, 3D representation of the patient's specific LAA condition.

The 3D printed model not only facilitated a deeper comprehension of the anatomical intricacies, but also enabled the medical team successfully measured and deployed a WATCHMAN device with pinpoint accuracy. This achievement was notable, as it ensured that there was no leakage associated with the deployment of the appropriate WATCHMAN device.

Prior to the surgical procedure, the patient was meticulously informed about the entire process, including the associated risks and benefits, thanks to the comprehensive support provided by the 3D printed anatomical model. This informed consent process was of paramount importance, as it empowered the patient to make well-informed decisions regarding their treatment and contributed to a smoother and more patient-centered medical experience.

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