Case Studies Left Atrial Appendage- Cardio Case

3D left atrial appendage model aids pre-operative planning and patient consent

Case Study
  • Cardiology


A patient presented with a Left Atrial Appendage. The exact classification of the LAA was difficult to evaluate on CT scans alone, so the surgeon requested a 3D printed anatomical model to give a clearer understanding of the problem.


Axial3D created a 1:1 scale flexible model of the patient's Left Atrial Appendage to morphology type Cauliflower. The anatomical model was utilized by the clinical team to explain the procedure to the patient, alongside measuring and deploying a WATCHMAN device. The exact WATCHMAN device was measured and deployed, and there was no leakage from the deployment of exact WATCHMAN device.

The patient was completely informed and consented prior to surgery, with the support of the 3D printed model.

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